Wednesday, April 16th

So there has been some discussion and interest in a parent tot crossfit class offered for parents and their tots ages 3-7 Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:00 am . As well as a kids boot camp ages 8-13 held Tuesdays and Thursdays 4:00 pm. These are

Tuesday, April 15th

Ok guys I know its Spring break but I’m only asking for 1 hour of your day. You have so many more hours to go and kick it with your kids and family. Those of you without kids what is your excuse?┬áMake it in and get your wod. It will make

Monday, April 14th

Elements start this week Monday through Thursday 7:50 pm. If you have some one that is really wanting to get started tonight is the night. Also If you have friends and family that want to try crossfit we almost always have our free intro session

Saturday, April 12th

WOD: “Death by Burpee” 1st minute = 1 Burpee 2nd minute = 2 Burpees 3rd minute = 3 Burpees Etc… Rest, and then… “Death by 10 Meters” 1st minute = 10 Meters 2nd minute = 2x 10 Meters 3rd minute = 3x 10 Meters

Friday, April 11th

Foam Rollers are here and waiting to be be taken home and used. Who wants one? Many of you have already put dibs but lucky for you guys I ordered extra. Some of you have mentioned some interest in a kids boot camp ages 8-14 through the summer