Elements Classes

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When joining Ute CrossFit East Draper you will attend Elements a comprehensive introduction to CrossFit.  Sign Up NOW and find out where CrossFit will take you!

What is Elements?

Ute CrossFit Elements starts you on the right path to reach your fitness goals. Coached by a CrossFit certified trainer and delivered in a personal small group environment, Elements is designed to ensure you can participate in your first group Workout of the Day (or WOD) with confidence and the knowledge you need to be successful. The curriculum will give you a comprehensive understanding of CrossFit and you will learn the proper techniques of our foundation movements.

CrossFit is built upon the philosophy that CrossFit is for everyone and every movement can be scaled. No matter what your athletic ability is you can benefit from CrossFit. You might not think a Baby Boomer and a football player would benefit from or do the same movements in their exercise routine but in reality, they do. A football player does heavy squats to increase explosiveness and improve his performance on the field. While a Baby Boomer, might air squat or chair sit to improve mobility and strength which helps to avoid negative effects of aging such as difficulties with everyday activities like sitting down and standing back up.  Heavy squatting and sitting in a chair use the same muscles.

Your Fitness Level

Fitness Beginner

During Elements, your coach will help you understand which scaling options work best  for you.  There are multiple scaling options for each movement so your workouts can truly be tailored to your fitness level.  During Elements your coach will personally assess your fitness ability.  Learning how to scale, enables you to participate in our Workout of the Day (WOD) once you complete Elements.  In an Elements class you will warm up, learn movements with scaling options, practice those movements, and then do a workout as a group to give you a basic understanding of how a WOD works.  As a fitness beginner, after Elements we suggest that you attend our CrossFit Basics WODs.  These classes are very similar to our regular WOD classes but the workout is scaled making it easier to familiarize yourself with the CrossFit movements and improve your strength, agility and stamina.   Coaching is our specialty and all of our coaches are happy to help you scale any workout.

Reasonably Fit

Individuals who are reasonably fit will learn to do most of the movements as prescribed (referred to as Rx).  Some beginning CrossFitters at this fitness level scale the amount of weight they use and some of the body weight movements until they feel more comfortable or their fitness level improves.  Your Elements coach will assist you in finding the right balance between Rx movements and scaled movements.  After Elements we suggest that for the first 30 days you attend our CrossFit Basics WODs, to build a strong foundation.  The goal is to make sure you understand what your strengths are and where your limitations may be so you can workout and make personal gains injury free.

Advanced Athlete

We recommend Elements for everyone who begins CrossFit.  Elements will give you the opportunity to meet our coaches, refresh your knowledge of movement fundamentals, and allow you to familiarize yourself with CrossFit class structure.  Advanced athletes typically have experience with most of the movements but are unfamiliar with the way movements are combined in a CrossFit workout.  Depending on your fitness goals, your Elements coach can assess which WODs and training programs will help you achieve those goals.  Ute CrossFit offers Olympic Lifting and options for advanced and competitive athlete programming.