Co-Owner Ute CrossFit East Draper and Coach

Co-Owner Ute CrossFit East Draper and Coach

I enjoy CrossFit because I have always loved the physical and mental strength that spurs from athletics. I grew up as a year round athlete, playing basketball, baseball and football. In high school I learned to deadlift, power clean and squat in our schools dungeon of a weight room. I was later introduced to rugby and fell in love with the speed, finesse and physicality of the sport. I played two years of rugby for the national championship Highland Rugby Club. I have always been inspired by those who achieve their goal through what seems like nothing more than daily hard work.

Later I met my wife, who has the same passion for athletics as me. Rebecca and I funneled our love for athletics into training for and running half marathons, full marathons and long distance relays. After two years of logging miles and completing half dozen races, we found CrossFit. I would learn through CrossFit that being fit meant that I could be good at a broad range of activities, including running, weightlifting, and gymnastics. This excited me.

When I first saw the workout of the day on, I was instantly intrigued. It looked difficult and it looked challenging, but it also ignited an excitement in me. This excitement stemmed from my desire to be better and the curiosity of what I could become by consistently completing these daily challenges. My wife and I looked forward to, and had fun doing CrossFit with each other. Eight months later we competed in the 2nd Annual CrossFit Games.

CrossFit has enabled me to increase in physical fitness and mental strength. It has provided a regular challenge that has made other things in my life more doable by comparison. It allows me physical freedom to wrestle with my two daughters, hike with my wife, or play a football game with my cousins and brothers with a moment’s notice. I love training others because I get to observe positive results take effect in their lives. I have a highlight reel in my mind of clients getting their first pull-up, jumping on a box that they were convinced a minute ago wasn’t possible, and working harder than they thought was possible and, after finishing the task, recognizing a mental strength that they didn’t know was there. I am grateful for the clients that have allowed me to be a part of those moments, big and small, that demonstrate physical and mental improvement.


CrossFit Certifications

CrossFit Level 1 Certification
CrossFit Power-Lifting Certification
CrossFit Nutrition Certification
CrossFit Kids Certification
CrossFit Endurance Certification

2008 CrossFit Games Competitor


Personal Records

St. George Marathon 3:45

Deadlift 505, Back Squat 410, Shoulder Press 205

Fran 2:54