I have been involved in sports all my life. We didn’t have video games growing up, so I played every sport available and loved it – Soccer, Football, Basketball, Baseball, snow-skiing, mountain biking, weight-training. As I got older I’ve also gotten into triathlons, mountain bike racing, and obstacle races. I’m always looking for the best, most fun activity to keep me active and fit. And, with time at such a premium in my life, I’m thrilled I found Crossfit; I saw some clips of the 2010 Games on YouTube and I was instantly drawn to the sport. I found the closest box to me and started right away and fell in love with it (or was addicted to it) immediately and I’ve been doing it actively for over 3 years. Fortunately, the box I chose is where Nick and Rebecca were working out and coaching before they opened Ute Crossfit East Draper.

I’ve also found I have some talent for teaching, so becoming Crossfit Level 1 certified, just seemed like a natural progression in my Crossfit life. So then, having Nick and Rebecca ask me to coach at Ute Crossfit East Draper is kind of a dream come true. I’m extremely excited about this opportunity and hope I can do 1/2 as well as they do in developing Crossfit athletes and maintaining the high level of excellence they’ve created in their box.

In The Gym

Ryan coaches Ute CrossFit East Draper’s Endurance WODs and Crossfit Kids Bootcamp summer programs.