Monday, April 11th

64 Pull-Ups
8 Overhead Squats (205/135) or 16 Front Squats (185/125)

Rest, and then…

For TIME, in teams of 2:
5,000 meters on Rower or SkiErg

Partners switch every 500 meters. Advanced option would be switching anytime your pace drops below 1:45/2:00.

Tall Snatch – 3×3 (light)
Snatch – 5×3@75%
Jerk – 5×3@75%
Back Squat – 5×3@75%
Floating Halting Snatch Deadlift (mid-thigh) – 3×3@100%
Weighted Back Extension – 3×10
Strict Toes-To-Bar – 4xMax
V-Ups – 3xMax

This is the beginning of the first week of a five week weightlifting program which coincides with Saturday’s olympic lifting clinic. Those who are doing the clinic should get some of this work in daily. It can be performed instead of the normal PRE or POST. You might not get to all of it, but perform as much as your time and effort will allow.