Monday, November 23rd

-Monday through Wednesday will be normal workout schedules.
-Thursday the 26th, Thanksgiving Day, there will be one workout at 8am lasting until everyone is finished.
-Friday the 27th, Black Friday, there will Open Gym from 6-9am.  We will post a workout in case you want to do it.
-Saturday the 28th will be normal schedule with an 8am WOD/Lifting Session and 9am Back-to-Basics.

3-5 rounds, for PRACTICE/WEIGHT, of:
12 Push-Ups or 7 Stationary/Ring Dips or 5 Bar Muscle-Ups
7 Kettlebell or Dumbbell Snatches/Arm
1 minute Double-Unders or 40 Double-Unders

4 rounds, for TIME, of:
250 Meter Row/Ski or 200 Meter Run
12 Dumbbell or Barbell Thrusters (95/65)
24 Ring Rows or 12 Chest-To-Bar Pull-Ups

*If you are going Rx’d and want an additional challenge then make it an interval repeated every 4 minutes.  If you choose this your goal should be about 2:00 rounds, giving you 1:1 sprint/rest.

WEIGHTLIFTING (deload week):
Jerk – 5×2@70%
Push Press – 4×3@70%
Back Squat – 4×3@70%