Tuesday, November 24th

-Monday through Wednesday will be normal workout schedules.
-Thursday the 26th, Thanksgiving Day, there will be one workout at 8am lasting until everyone is finished.
-Friday the 27th, Black Friday, there will Open Gym from 6-9am.  We will post a workout in case you want to do it.
-Saturday the 28th will be normal schedule with an 8am WOD/Lifting Session and 9am Back-to-Basics.

3-5 rounds, for PRACTICE/WEIGHT, of:
8 Front Squats
10 Dumbbell Rows
25 Rear Delt Flyes

3 rounds, for REPS/EFFORT, of:
60 seconds Ski
60 seconds REST
60 seconds Row
60 seconds REST
60 seconds Sled Push
60 seconds REST

WEIGHTLIFTING (deload week):
Snatch – 5×2@70%
Snatch High-Pull – 3×3@70%
Snatch Deadlift on Riser – 3×3@80%