Wednesday, January 13th

-If you are interested in the 2nd Wave of Nutrition Challenge please text Rebecca (801-573-7431).
-This Saturday, January 16th at 10:00AM will be a pull-up progression/muscle up clinic. No matter what level you are at if you have a goal of pull-ups or muscle ups come and get a protocol and a realistic time frame.
-We are excited to announce our annual Bring a Friend Saturday. This is a time to invite your friends, family and co-workers who have Never done crossfit before and who have been asking about Crossfit. If you don’t have a friend to bring please come anyways. Its going to be a really fun day.  Don’t worry about the fitness level of your friend. We SCALE! Just show up we will make sure you are safe and that your friend will fall in love with crossfit just as you have.  This year we will be having it on February 6th. We will have one wod at 8:00 am (no back to basics that day). The biggest compliment is a referral from you. Not to mention its fun to workout with your friends and family and have an added support system. Share this with someone you think will want to join Our UTE Crossfit Family.

Perform 3-5 Power Cleans EMOM for 12 minutes,
or 1 Power Clean EMOM for 12 minutes at 70% of 1rm or above

3 rounds, for TIME, of:
3 Lengths Walking Lunges
2 Lengths Plate Walks or Handstand Walk
100 Double-Unders or 500 Meter Row/Ski

Snatch – Heavy Single; 1@90%
Clean & Jerk – 2x (Heavy Single; 1@90%, 1@95%)
Clean Pull – 2@105%, 2×2@110%
Back Squat – 2@70%, 3×2@75%